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One of the primary needs of human beings is shelter and as such, it is essential to make sure that when you are sourcing for apartments to rent or buy, one should be looking out for nothing short of the best.

If you are looking for the right real estate and location that meets your business or investment goal, the right place to be is AR properties. Get in touch today, and we will work with you on getting the best deals available.

AR properties is where we can help you with all your real estate needs that may include sourcing for affordable living spaces, and offices to run your business. We have consistently delivered quality rental and leasing services to our clients in the pate and you can always count on our expertise to help you get good apartments for rent. Whatever your budget may be, we will work something reasonable out for you as far as they meet your requirement and specifications. AR properties is the place to be to have your search for new apartments handled without you needing to stress yourself as we will take the stress off you.


AR properties has been in the real estate business for over two years delivering nothing short of the top-notch and affordable housing to our clients over the years. We have carved a niche for our self as the trusted residential letting company offering a wide range of exquisite, and contemporary living spaces.

We understand the fact that each individual has what they are looking for in an apartment and these requirements and specifications differ from person to person; that is why we will take our time to understand what you want in a residential home and we will make sure we serve you in the best way possible.


  • Our services are affordable and there are no hidden charges involved.
  • We are experienced in the real estate business. when you deal with us, you can be guaranteed that you are in capable hands.
  • We will work with you all through the search for your preferred home from start to finish.
  • We will guide you through the complexities of selling and/or buying a new or used house so that you don’t have to lose sleep over the whole process.
  • We will use our expertise and experience in the real estate industry to help you get the best deals possible.
  • We will continue to keep you up to date with a new apartment, new listings, and the conditions involved as they affect the market.
  • We have an excellent customer care unit that is available 24/7 to attend to all your enquiries and questions.

What our Services will help you Achieve

Through our value-adding services in the investment, commercial, and industrial real estate services we offer, we will help you to achieve the following within the shortest possible time;

  • We will help sellers of real properties get the most profit from their sale.
  • We will negotiate leases that benefit both the lessor and lessee.
  • We will help sellers of real properties get a good evaluation of their assets based on the prevailing market conditions.
  • We will help property owners to manage multi-tenant investment so that they can save money and time.
  • We will help buyers of real properties avoid paying over their nose by strategically negotiating lease and purchase terms from the beginning.
  • We will help those looking to rent apartment get a good apartment at reasonable rates.

Whatever your real estate needs are, do not hesitate to get in contact with us at AR Properties and if you are looking to rent residential space or office space we also have got you covered. Get in touch with us and you will be glad you did.